About us

1996 Hélène works on the front-line with several NGOs trying to make a difference in the face of adversity. Tough!

2000 Anne-Charlotte leaves a fashion house and sets off to far-off lands seeking inspiration.

2001 At her return Anne-Charlotte settles in Spain - oranges are so so delicious there – and starts designing La Queue du Chat's graphic environment by sewing together cheeky little creatures.

2002 Living in Boston Hélène meets unexpectedly one of these creatures. Not long after – some say in a matter of seconds – Hélène gets the perfect idea : combine Anne-Charlotte's cheeky creatures to organic cotton and fair trade baby clothes.

2005 Hélène and Anne-Charlotte -still living million of miles apart - set up La Queue du Chat. They find their manufacturer, Amit, the Great Amit (with a touch of Gandhi in him) who will become a true friend. Working with him implies to fly away to India twice a year and stay in a delightful environment-friendly farmhouse – how hard can life get? OK, so this involves sharing the house with (other?) huuuuuuuuge beasts: rats, mice, giant mosquitoes and other creepy creatures. But not a squeak can be heard from either of them (or maybe only once..or twice...). That's how tough they are...

Since then Anne-Charlotte keeps hopping from one country to another with her sketchbook in her back-pocket, whilst Hélène sets up the head office in the South-West of France, a country of delicious wine and food (one wonders why?)

And here we are after so many years... still doing what we love and fully committed to fair trade practices and organic cotton, working hard and having soooo much fun !

La Queue du Chat is now a team of 6 with: Gilles (in Toulouse with one cat) our export sales person (good choice for one who likes traveling), Xavier (in the South-West of France, two cats) photographer and truly the geek-of-your-dream, Sarah (in Paris, no cats!) our great pattern designer and Florent (Paris, no cats either!!) our sales person for the French-speaking countries.
Although scattered across the globe La Queue du Chat has become a great team of people who share the same principles and the same idea that working should not be separated from the idea having fun !

N.B. Both Sarah and Florent have been told to get a cat ASAP.