Using fabrics that are all organic and certified by GOTS, ensures that your child has against her skin natural fibers.

Organic cotton and a manufacturing process respectful of her health protect the skin of your child from allergies and irritations. 

Did you know? A non-organic garment retains the pesticides used to grow the cotton and to these are added the chemicals used to color and decorate the garment. These products are in contact with the largest organ of your child, his skin. So, let’s use organic cotton against the skin!

Although it represents only 2,4% of the use of agricultural land worldwide, 11% of the world's consumption of pesticides and 24% of the the world’s consumption of insecticides are necessary to produce non-organic cotton.

The pesticides and insecticides used to produce a non-organic T-shirt represents a third of its weight. Yeeeks!