Fit to withstand any adventure!

Machine washable, our clothes are very soft even after numerous washes. Your child wears solid fabrics, hardwearing stitches and GOTS certified colors that last. Our clothes are made to be passed on the younger siblings and be shared with friends. That’s what SLOW FASHION is all about!

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is THE international reference for organic textile that covers the cotton flower all the way to the final steps of manufacturing to offer a trustworthy guarantee to the final consumer. The environmental and social standards required are very high as well as those applicable to human toxicity. The use of Chlorine, PVC, nickel and chrome are not allowed. Heavy metals, formaldehyde and genetic modifications are totally banned. All the social criteria set by the International Labour Organisation have to be implemented.

This level of requirement is what we believe the word Quality should mean.