A sense of friendship, a keenest for justice and desire to be genuine define childhood. This is why Fair Trade has always been our choice. 

At La Queue du Chat, we only envisage the production of cotton and the manufacturing in a Fair, juste and benevolent fashion. All our products are certified GOTS and have been produced these 12 years in the same workshop that we now so well.

In order to offer you the best, our clothes are produced through a rigorous process. All our produced in just one place on the Gujarat coast in India of which we know its expertise and trustworthiness. Fully GOTS certified, this workshop only works with organic cotton and guarantees the fundamental rights of its workers by offering a fair pay, a social cover and benefits that go beyond the legal requirements. With La Queue du Chat, you have the guaranty that your clothes respond to the need for authenticity, truth and kindness all children crave for.