Welcome to the sea expedition with La Queue du Chat!

The summer of 2021 is placed under the sign of the sea: our new theme!

Because our planet is unique and precious, it is essential to cherish it.

This is the message of each piece of Love the OCEAN !



Rolling in the sand, playing, building castles... children's activities at the beach are real adventures! To accompany them, La Queue du Chat offers comfortable and extremely soft cuts. Your children will love wearing them!

Materials and colors

Love the sea is sunny yellow, sea coral, sea blue... on a two-tone white background with marine stripes. The universe of the beach is completely reconstituted! For a material of exceptional quality and made to last, we opted for the 220gr interlock.


The plus of the collection?

A UPF T-shirt made in FRANCE with SOLETTE !


The fun facts

The fun facts of the team La Queue du Chat on the theme Love the Sea... Want to discover them?

For Gilles and Hélène, the fun facts are :


For Anne-Charlotte and Laura, the most fun ones are :


"Loving the sea to take care of it": this is the intention of the whole team which is reflected in our playful pieces of this summer 2021.

Can't wait to discover them?