Welcome to the exploration of French wildlife with La Queue du Chat!

This is the story of animals that populate our territory as they do our imagination. In the water, on land or in the air, they go about their business as we go about ours. But our business makes these little creatures more and more discreet... at the risk of seeing them disappear completely from our landscapes. In order not to forget to leave them a little space in our heads as well as on our lands, follow us this winter for a little walk with the big hamster, the little mink, the big brown bear and their friends!

Discovery cards on our beloved animals

Every little animal has its own unique side! Dear explorers, discover the particularities of our dear little animals. Enjoy this beautiful exploration :)

Discover a small preview of the pieces of the collection, you will love them !


At La Queue du Chat, a pioneer brand for 16 years in ethical fashion for children, quality is at the heart of our commitments! Our 100% organic cotton combined with our 220g interlock and cotton yarn offer your children a soft and comfortable day :) Feeling comfortable in their clothes: it is to make them live unique experiences. We are committed to providing them with durable clothing of the highest quality.


Our goal is to make clothes to PLAY, run, jump, have fun, etc.

The cuts are loose and comfortable and easy to put on from a young age. And the icing on the cake, as we know it is very important for children, it is SOFT, extremely soft like comforters.

For the fabrics of exceptional quality and made to last, we opted for the interlock 220gr and the fleece 250gr.

The colors are both warm and bright. From a range of slate blues to turquoise and old pinks to garnet reds.